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DAY 1: Arrival in Kumamoto

  • Arrival at Kumamoto Airport. Transfer to Takefue Ryokan (approximately 1-1.5 hours). Please inquire about the possibility of using a helicopter.
  • The Shirakawa Onsen resort is located near Mount Aso. A few years ago, due to increased volcanic activity, access to the crater was restricted (within a radius of 2 km). However, with favorable weather conditions, you can fly to the volcano by helicopter.
  • Check-in at the Takefue hot spring ryokan, featuring rooms with private baths ( The architecture of Takefue resembles a farmhouse in the countryside. The interior replicates the exterior finish, with modern elements and large windows offering an unforgettable view of the garden. In the Kurokawa area, where Takefue is situated, numerous other ryokans can be found. Thanks to the bamboo forest surrounding Takefue, sounds are muted, creating an atmosphere of seclusion.

  • Takefue Ryokan has only 11 rooms, each with its own natural hot spring, including both outdoor and indoor baths. In rooms encircled by a dense ring of bamboo forest, you will be undisturbed, feeling as if you are alone on an entire planet.
  • You can also visit the public outdoor hot spring or indulge in spa treatments and massages. After all the procedures, relax at the cafe by the waterfall, lying in a hammock, accompanied only by the rustle of bamboo leaves and the fresh breeze from the waterfall.
  • In the evening, the hot springs and the entire ryokan area are beautifully illuminated, creating a uniquely enchanting atmosphere.
DAY 2: Kurokawa - Yufuin

  • Breakfast at the ryokan. Check-out.
  • Transfer to the town of Kurokawa, stroll around the town. Traditional architecture, narrow streets where visitors in yukatas (light kimonos) leisurely walk— a place of tranquility and solitude.
  • Numerous diverse hot springs, including those in caves or with a beautiful view of the river and waterfall, contribute to the serene atmosphere. Joint baths for men and women, known as "konyoku," are still preserved. Delicious food, fresh air, and mountain landscapes surround the area.
  • To provide access to multiple hot springs located in different ryokans, they have introduced unique wooden "passes" made from local Oguni cedar. These passes, called Nyuto Tagata, are valid for three different onsen experiences.
  • Transfer to the Yufuin resort through the mountains of Aso-Kuju National Park. Check-in at a Japanese-style hotel. Relax in the hot springs.
Hotel options:
  • Ryokuyu: Standalone Japanese-style villas with beds, all rooms equipped with private outdoor hot springs. Confirm the possibility of accommodating children. Room photos on the Japanese website.
  • Sanso Warabino: The hotel is currently closed for reconstruction (after the earthquake in May 2016). It is scheduled to reopen in the spring of 2017.
  • Shiosai no Yado Seikai Hotel: A modern European-style hotel in Beppu. Some rooms feature hot springs and a sea view, but note that the bath is small and designed like a private tub.
DAY 3: Yufuin - Beppu
  • Breakfast. Check-out.
  • Stroll around the Yufuin resort. Visit Kirin Lake, the shopping street (crafts), and the fairytale village.
  • In the fairytale village, you'll find "Alice in Wonderland" shops, a mini zoo, etc. If desired, visitors can even pet owls.
  • Transfer to Beppu (30 minutes). In Beppu, you will witness a remarkable phenomenon: steam rising from craters and the ground, confirming that this place is one of the most active geothermal zones globally. Over 100 million liters per day flow from more than 3000 sources.
  • Visit the "Jigoku" - the nine circles of hell ("Bloody Pond Hell," "Golden Dragon Hell," etc.). The nine "Jigoku" or "hells" are the most popular attractions, spouting steam, sulfuric mud, and forming crimson boiling ponds.
  • Explore the monkey park on Mount Takasaki.
  • Transfer to Oita Airport. Departure.
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