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7Artisans Circular Polarizing (CPL) and UV Lens Filters. Are they any good? Short Review with Samples.

Let’s talk about lens filters. Here I have Circular Polarizing(CPL) and UV Filter. Both of them were sent to me by 7Artisans, so I decided to make a series of videos and posts about different filters. As usual, these posts and reviews are as objective as possible, and I have sample images, so you can judge by yourself.


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UV filter
CPL Filter

Build and packaging

Both of these filters have 62 mm filter thread, so I can fit them on my biggest lens and use step-up rings for smaller lenses. Just a small lifehack to save money and not to buy a filter for every lens.

These particular filters from 7Artisans came in this nice plastic boxes, which is really nice. If I’m right, I had pre-production packaging, and now it is even better. The build quality is very good, feels solid and has a slim profile.

UV Filter

The UV filter – that is the most discussed filter on the internet, as it doesn’t serve any purpose other than protective – at least on the modern digital cameras. Therefore, the most important for this filter is to be made out of good glass and not to reduce image quality. Here you can see the same composition with and without the filter.

Without UV
With UV
Without UV Zoomed In
With UV Zoomed In

On the close inspection – the quality is still good! I don’t often use it, mostly in the rain or when additional protection can come handy, but there is one lens which I like to use it as it makes maintenance easier – this 12mm lens. The front element of this lens makes it difficult to clean, so I prefer to have the UV filter to stay on, and it takes less time to clean it.

Circular Polarizer Filter – CPL

The Circular Polarizer – that is the most important filter to have in my opinion, as the effect is something you can’t reproduce in the post. This filter is extremely helpful to remove reflections. All you have to do is screw this filter in front of the lens and rotate it till the desired effect. The effect is highly dependent on the position of the source of light.

I often use it to remove reflections from windows, cars as well as from wet roads, as I mostly shoot street, but it also has a strong impact on landscape photography when shooting water or wet leaves.

It also adds contrast to the sky, but that is difficult for me to show as I haven’t seen a clear sky for some time – autumn and winter time aren’t kind for a photographer where I live ?

Here is an example with and without filter. The CPL filter blocks about 1/3 stop of the light, keep it in mind, but as you can see, image quality is still good and there is no color cast or anything, but contrast is better and reflections are gone.

Without CPL
With CPL

It was short, but I hope I made it clear in which way I use these filters, and you can make your own mind whether you use one or not. From my side I can recommend them as the quality is very good.

Filters from 7Artisans are new to the market, so they might not be in stock on Amazon or any other online shops, but there is an official 7Artisans store you can order from – link on top of the article.

Video Review

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