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Full review of the Osee T5 on-camera monitor (part 2)

Today, I’m back with a full review of the Osee t5 on-camera monitor. I had some time to test it and here I’m to talk about the best features, and my experience with it. I may repeat some information from the first impression blog, but this one is a more in-depth review.


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Thanks to the compact and form factor I store this monitor in a pencil case along with all the accessories I might need for it, except for the battery as I still haven’t bought a small battery and using a big NP-F750.
From the box this monitor comes with a sun hood, tilt bracket and 3 HDMI cables. The tilt bracket has an additional cold shoe to mount a microphone or light. Also, I’ve got for it a smaller mount and another cable just for convenience.

Let’s talk specs

This is a 5.5″ Full HD monitor with 4K footage support and 16:9 aspect ratio. FullHD with 4k support – what does it mean? It means that you can shoot up to 4k with this monitor, and it will be downscaled to the FullHD to display, but you will record 4k anyway.

It is lightweight, just a 164g and 230g with a tilt bracket. Good brightness level at 450nits which is enough for most cases, but in the bright sunlight you may have to use a sun hood. Or you can get another monitor from Osee which can output 3000 nits.


This monitor has a minimal design, there are no buttons, instead of them there is a single joystick. Top and bottom boarders are thin. Thanks to that the monitor has a cell phone like form factor and in fact it is similar size to it.
The monitor made out of good quality plastic and there is an aluminium skeleton inside for durability. In overall, it feels good in hand and doesn’t feel cheap at all.


There is only a single joystick on the front panel.
On the left side you will find an HDMI IN port and a power output socket for a dummy battery, both of them are recessed a bit, which adds some level of protection to these connections.
On the right side, we have a mounting point and a micro USB port. Another mounting point located on the bottom of the monitor along with SD card slot, a 3.5 mm headphone output and a 2.5 mm remote control socket.
The Back panel have a power switch and a dual-purpose battery slot, which works with NP-F batteries as well as with LP-E6 batteries.

Osee T5 Back
Back plate



Auto-rotate – works great with tilt arm
Audio meter – to monitor your sound
Image re-sizer – to fit all the tools on the screen the way you want

osee t5 image re-sizer
osee t5 image re-sizer

2x and 4x Zoom – controlled by the joystick
Focus peaking and focus assist – in combination lets you adjust peaking colour and intensity

osee t5 on camera monitor zoom
osee t5 on camera monitor zoom
Osee t5 external monitor Focus peaking
Osee t5 external monitor Focus peaking

Aspect Ratio guidelines
Center Crosshair
Safe Area guidelines
Anamorphic de-squeezeer – with various options for different lenses: 1x,1.33x,1.5x,1.66x, and 2x

Osee T5 Grid
Aspect ratio
Osee t5 Aspect ratio
Aspect ratio

Zebra – to show a stripe patter on the highlights
False Colours with a few modes and a number of log curves for different cameras
Histogram – familiar to the most photographers
Vector Scope

The last two tools are still beyond me, need to learn to use them correctly.


There are 30 build in De-Log LUTs and 16 User uploaded LUTs. To upload your LUTs you need to use SD card and load them one by one in the settings menu. I’ve used Peter McKinnon’s pack I bought a while ago and it is great to be able to see almost a final result while shooting, you don’t need to guess an exposure to the look you have in mind, you can just apply this look and see the instant result.


This monitor support workspaces or scenes, so you can set up different tools for different scenes. On one of them you may have exposure tools to adjust everything before the shot and on the another one you can have all the framing aids and focus assist tools to use during the shot. You can add up to 8 workspaces and up to 8 tools on each of them.

Also, all this features work with any input, so you can apply LUTs, zoom, focus peaking, histograms, etc to analyse the footage you already shot. You can play back your clip and check if all was as you expected.

Keep in mind no active cooling as it’s not needed, at least I’ve never felt it needed. There is no touch screen which is good for me as I don’t like them on this kind of devices and there is no HDMI out.


The price for the Osee T5 is just a $200. Sometimes you can get a discount, just recently they had a 40% discount on the Amazon. Even for the full price I think that is a great deal, this monitor has all the possible features and just for $200.

Osee t5 handheld rig


Just having a big screen it is already improving the experience tenfold – you can see everything much better, I mean what is in the frame, details and colours. Focusing is much easier and as a bonus, due to the additional weight of the monitor and a battery there is less shake and shooting handheld is easier, which is a big deal as I don’t have any form of stabilization on my camera.

So I’ve ended up with this kind of set up. Be it with the top handle or just mounted directly on top of the camera. This way the whole setup is relatively small and in the same time it adds a bit of weight which helps to make a more steady shot.
The first screen is my main screen where I have all the framing and focus assist tools as well as applied LUT and on the second I have all the exposure and colour tools.

Bonus points

Also, you can use it as an external monitor for other devices, for example a Raspberry Pi, a small computer to transfer files from a SD card to the hard drive

Osee T5 with Raspberry Pi
Osee T5 with Raspberry Pi

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