Pergear 12mm F2
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Pergear 12mm F2 – Affordable Ultra-Wide Manual Lens. 7artisans challenger?


Type: Manual
Focal Length: 12mm (FF Equivalent: 18mm)
Aperture: f2 – f22
Format: APS-C
Lens Mount: Fuji X (Nikon Z, Sony E, M4/3 are also available)
Angle of View: ~97°
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.66ft / 20 cm
Optical Design: 12 Elements in 9 Groups
Diaphragm Blades: 10 (rounded blades)
Dimensions (ø x L): 66mm x 59.5mm
Weight: ~300g

About a brand

Pergear is an online store for photography and videography equipment, but they also have a line of lenses under their brand. All lenses are fully metal manual operated primes.

There are links to the website and blog.
Amazon Prime Day is coming and Pergear announced a list of items for sale.

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Quick look

Pergear 12mm F2
Pergear 12mm F2

The lens comes in a simple box and with a good quality lens pouch which is always nice to have.

Build quality is very good – fully metal enclosure, very solid. Looks great. Screw-on metal hood is a nice addition to the design. Also it seems to receive 62mm filter which is rare for a ultra-wide angle lens and it can be a decision making factor for some people.

Focus ring is smooth and has about 135 degree of focus throw. When focusing lens extends but on mere millimeters. There are 3 screws for focus adjustment in case if it was not properly adjusted out of production. My copy was good and I haven’t had to do any changes.

Aperture is clickless. Apperture ring is nice. It has indents, so it has a nice grip and it tight enough. It marked from f2 to f22.

Standart plastic lens cap – nothing special here, but it fits better without lens hood.

Focus breathing is present, but it’s so small, so I’d say it’s neglectable even for video.

Flair control is good enough, doesn’t have such issues as 7artisans 12mm, which was my main complain.


Center Sharpness 1
Center Sharpness 2

If focus is nailed then lens is quite sharp in the center at f2, but it’s realy easy to miss. Gets better stepping down.

Corner Shapness 1
Corner Sharpness 2

Corner sharpness is a bit soft, gets better stepping down as well. Sweet spot at about f8.

At the close distance image may appear not so sharp, but that is an issue of the field curvature, in other words plane of focus is not flat. So if you plan to shoot at minimum focus distance, make sure that the object in the center and you may also want to step down a bit.

Out of focus area

12mm f2 ISO200 1/30

Having apperture open up to f2 is great for light gathering but also to get some out of focus area, which is quite difficult on the such wide angle. If object is close enough out of focus area lets you gently isolate object from a backgroud.

Chromatic abberation

Pergear 12mm F2
12mm f2 ISO400 1/1000

I haven’t notied much issue here. Shooting agains the bright sky lens behaves well.


There is some, it’s expected, but it’s not a strong one, I usually leave it uncorrected.


12mm f2 ISO400 1/1000

There is some, not a lot and seems like less than 7Artisans. As in most cases can be fixed in post. I usually don’t do this, as I like vignetting in my images.


For $166 lens is great! Good for landscapes, astrophotography, arthitecture, interior and so on. Fun lens to use that doesn’t breat the bank.

Having 62mm filter thread make it even more suitable for landscapes, architecture and interiors, especialy stepping down a bit to impove corners.

Strong field curvature can be an issue shooting something close focus, but on the other hand can introduce nice artistic effect.

Wider aperture allows you to isolate subject a bit better as well as lets more light, so extra stop of light is always good.

Sample images

*All images exported from Lightroom without any edits

12mm f2 ISO400 1/1000
12mm f2 ISO2000 1/125
12mm f2 ISO200 1/500
12mm f2 ISO400 1/1000
12mm f2 ISO400 1/1000
12mm f8? ISO200 1sec
12mm f8? ISO200 0.8sec
12mm f2 ISO200 1/60
12mm f2 ISO200 1/60

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